The A∴A∴ is the interior Order governed by one truth and united in one spirit.

The Order is One, unbroken in its Chain of succession from V.V.V.V.V. through its senior living Adepti. The Order is One, although it functions in a threefold manner: Speech in Silence, Silence, and Silence in Speech. The Order is One, as there is but One Eye in the Triangle.

Since its establishment, the many, whose name is legion, have sought to profit by the reputation of the A∴A∴, and some have been deceived thereby. How can one tell the false from the True? The principles of the Order of A∴A∴ are clear and unequivocal; those who act in a manner contrary to them are automatically excluded from its fold. It requires no oaths of secrecy, or vows of obedience to any individual. No money is ever requested when its teachings are dispensed or when an attainment is recognized by its Authority. The Order does not operate in lodges, campuses, lecture circles or groups of any kind. From the start the Work is individual and private; every Aspirant to the Order has the benefit of working under the direction of one who has trod the Path before him or her, and who in turn can seek assistance from one yet more experienced.

The A∴A∴ does not mandate or recommend association with any other organization as a necessary prerequisite for admission, or accept such associations as equivalent to the curricula established by its Authority. The best preparation for the Work of the Outer College of the A∴A∴ is that established by the Order itself - the Student curriculum.

The door is open to all persons who in sincerity wish to join themselves to a Body of Initiates pledged to the Service of Humanity.